Bespoke Dresser in Oak & Walnut

It’s very unusual for a piece of furniture to absorb your full attention as soon as you step in the house. This very unique design by Nafisi, takes you by surprise, “How how can such an unsymmetrical piece feel so balanced?” That is the secret of this design, it makes your eyes want to find more details within the piece.

Animation1The design of the frame has been inspired by Japanese furniture. The joinery within the frame of the dresser, all the doors and the drawers have been hand cut delicately with dovetail joints. Old Persian tiling motifs have been used on the cabinet doors as a symbol of love and kindness surrounding the carefully chosen two pieces of walnut, in order to create a portrait of the universe moving around a circle. Finally you can find some English design inspiration in Nafisi’s popular hinges, which will remind you of Land Rover Defender door hinges which has been the designers favourite vehicle since childhood.

“I took influence from Land Rover’s Defender door hinges, as I love the simplicity and honesty within it, and also because i’m so proud that my pieces are being made in England” Abi Nafisi

The American white oak & Persian walnut has been purchased locally and chosen carefully to avoid repetition of one colour through out the piece. After kiln drying, the wood has been aired for two years, kept 3 months on the workshop racks at room temperature.

Completed in 4 months.



Animation20 (1)









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